Valley Park

Valley Park is a modern development first considered in 1978, but the building did not start until the mid-eighties. It was conceived as an extension to Chandlers Ford and has been such a success with natural defined boundaries that it now has its own village status.

The original planners catered for all the needs of a modern community of approximately 3000 homes with a varied social and age mix.

The name Valley Park comes from the natural valley of the development area along which Monks Brook flows together with a deliberate approach of the plan to create a beautiful park for people to live in.

It has facilities of two schools, church, pub, community centre, two doctors’ surgeries, dentist, vet, pharmacy, hair dressers, convenience store, fish & chips, leisure centre. In addition to these it has a number of protected woodlands open to the public and also a number of strategically placed children’s play areas.

Valley Park’s geographical position makes it very convenient for road, rail, bus, air and ship travel. It is not far from the historical city of Winchester to the North or to Southampton to the South.

For many people it could be considered to be one of the best places to live in the South of England.